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In 1987 we did something out of the ordinary...

We set up a business to challenge the notion that print service had to be limited - that quality work had to take weeks, or even months; that there were set ways of doing things; that the printer knew better than the client; that great results cost big money. We worked hard to achieve the best in the shortest possible time. And we never said, "No, we can't do that". We knew if a client could conceive the idea, we could find a way to make it happen. Within two years we had set a new standard for the industry and a new demand for work that met the needs of the client - on their schedule. And all the while, we looked for ways to move forward and take the next step in printing and design technology.

The Leading Edge

Since the late eighties, rapidly developing technology has revolutionised printing, production and design. From the first Macs to the latest in Computer to Plate technology, we have concentrated on taking advantage of the opportunities presented by innovation: cutting costs, increasing quality and saving time and money on behalf of our clients. By bringing all our processes under one roof - from design and pre-press to printing and distribution - we are able to remain in control of all aspects of the work we do for you, ensuring we take excellent care of your product. While we're committed to using the latest tools and the best technology, we haven't lost touch with the core of our business. Our owners and managers can still be found on the factory floor, in the thick of the action - making sure that the work is done right, every time.

What's a Picture Worth?
A dot on a page is just a dot on a page, right? Not when it comes to the detail produced by our state of the art machines, cutting edge technology that allows us to create prints of outstanding quality, sharpness and definition. In fact, our technical people could give you a thousand reasons why this unique process sets our work apart. Or we could just show you a picture.

Knowing Your Business
No matter how technical the process becomes, at the heart of it all, people still do business with people. From a simple business card to a complete campaign, you want to be sure that the people behind the project understand your requirements and what you want to achieve. For Rainbow, this has meant getting to know our clients, to really get a feel for their business - and for them to know us. Our business is not dominated by sales, but by service. The people you will get to meet are the ones doing your work - from our service team to the factory floor, we make sure you are always in touch with your project. Come and visit us and see what we mean.

Meet the team!



John Boyle

John has been an owner of Rainbow for over 20 years. While having an accounting background John loves the Print Industry. He was on the Print NZ Management Board for over 8 years and was President for 3 years helping promote and support the industry.

While we have grown Rainbow to be one of the largest privately owned print companies in NZ that has printed large volume print runs to launch new products throughout NZ, the best part of the job for John is dealing one on one with a client and delivering a solution that exceeds their expectations – even if it is only 100 business cards.

My aim is to offer to all our clients a customised solution that meets their specific needs. If that is a sales person calling on them every day or if they require a personalised web solution they can access 24 / 7 then Rainbow will build that solution for each client.  Challenge us, tell me what you need.

The on-line world has changed how we operate day to day. Rainbow’s aim is to be the market leader in delivering on-line print solutions for clients while keeping the one think that we all like – Great Customer Service from a real person. 

Roxanne Dadswell

Roxanne has over 16 years in the print industry and she enjoy's using her knowledge and experience to help customers find the best solution for their printing needs. Her role at Rainbow Print is varied but mostly in sales and estimating.

Roxanne looks forward to working with you.

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